Sunday, July 17, 2011


Some foolish person opined that this was perfect for a fall Sunday morning. Ha.  It is perfect for a summer morning, a noonish brunch, goes well at dinner and makes a fine late night snack. 
You can inject this right into your arteries if you wish.  You'll miss the taste but the results will be the same.
Scalloped Oysters
  • Pint of oysters (or two) - 1 pint per person is a rule of thumb
  • cup of half and half
  • butter (1 stick melted)
  • saltines
Preheat the oven to  400.  In an oven safe Pyrex loaf pan or small pie pan or for that matter some aluminum disposable - if you use a ramekin then butter the sides.

  1. Crumble up enough saltines to put a layer 1/4" deep across the bottom of the pan ..dampen these a bit with some melted butter (don't make them soggy).  Spread half your oysters (drained and reserve the liquid (liquor its called) over the top.
  2. Cover with saltines like you did on the bottom
  3. Add another layer of oysters and cover those with a thin layer of saltines  Mix the oyster liquid (liquor) and the half and half  and pour over the entire layers - it should be 1/3 to 1/2 full of liquid but there is never too much.
  4. pour the remaining butter over the top.
  5. there is salt on the saltines (duh) so if you like some pepper you can add that either layer by layer or into the liquid or over the top.  up to you...and to your taste.
bake in a 400 degree oven until the top layer turns light brown or the mixture boils or both. don't over cook..poached is the operative word not baked to death...we have found it takes just a few minutes to heat through, cook the oysters before they turn to rubber and crisp up the top.

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