Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the Transmigration of the Souls - 9/11 John Adams

We seem pretty removed from this event some 100 miles due west and now a decade ago.  In the firehouse on 3rd Street there is a memorial and it is all but certain that someone lost family or an associate.
We do remember that, although so far away, the smell of this ruin that manged to come all the way out here and make a forced substitution for our fresh air and tranquility.  If you took the LIRR home that day or perhaps the Jitney, every so many persons had dust on them...caked on a shoe where the body meets the sole, on handbags, in smudges in the hair or on the forehead..dust..a horrible fine powder.

It is just time right now when the first tower fell and created the first of two awful dust clouds.  Just now.

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