Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go a little crazy on game day

Martha's Vineyard has the Black Dog Tavern and its menu is filled with local recipes including its pretty famous Quahog Chowder.  Some of us have a dozen or so of these huge round-clams in our freezers where they keep pretty well - also being the equal to a big rock in case of intruders.  One of ours measures in at a cool 1.5 pounds and could be a weapon.

Aside from pelting someone with one or dropping one on one's toe, the next best use is in chowder and we thought that on Super Bowl game night, along with the Wings and Celery, gobs of blue cheese dip, chips and libation that you should go all out and try this. If you don't have a freezer full of quahogs and in particular, don't feel like taking the clam rake out of the garage and wading around in 40 degree water, you can actually get a container of minced clams from the fish monger, using littlenecks or cherrystones - albeit a it expensive and harder to find this time of year, or (and don't think that restaurants don't do this on occasion) resort to canned clams.

We think this is a nifty idea for a mid-winter treat.  Actually it is so good that the TV is optional.

and for those of us who remember Super Bowl I.....

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