Sunday, May 27, 2012


Well, after a day of Tall Ships, the event sounds all the world like "success".  Two days to go and perhaps some weather issues in the late afternoons  --  every silver lining has a cloud or two -- but all in all people are coming with high expectations and leaving with a smile. Certainly the merchants hope there will be return visits based on good experiences and what with the vineyards, really good restaurants at all price levels and plenty to see and do, this was a showcase event not only for that event itself but for bringing a lot of people all the way out here and letting them see what's what.
Unfortunately there are other blogs in the village that are reflective of what is generously called the "north fork attitude".  It is the same attitude that raised up against the conversion of the Capital One center in Laurel when it was proposed it become the home of a new and much needed "Y". The folks who would rather that the entire complex fall into rubble rather than to be put to great use.  Same holds true here.  A mindset of  "it doesn't put jingle in my pocket so to hell with it".  It is a sign of a very shallow life. It really is.  Free speech doesn't always equal maturity.

These blogs show a life void of community and common purpose.  When confronted by Captain Ahabs, who run their lives with a purpose and accommodate all things in reaching their goals or goal they attack the mission in a blind attempt to simply derail rather than embrace.  We have a lot of that here. Folks who have been screaming since the Tall Ships were announced.  I will freely admit that I was skeptical due to a late start and not a lot of resources but somehow it got done and done well and some put a truly selfless effort in making it so. I was honored to participate and help where I could.   When the Village gets the glory for this, then bask first in the reflective sunshine. Good for them.

To those who wished disaster from the onset, I think how shallow their lives must be.  Certainly. Their only passion is to 'be against" for whatever wildass reason, almost all centering around their immediate needs.  How sad.

With just a modicum of effort they could be in the sunlight now rather than bumbling along in the shadows and that is sad.  Nothing smells sweeter than to be on the sweet smell of success.


  1. Are you new to the area? People have survived and thrived here for ovet three hundred years. How did we ever survive without people like you. Bless You.

    1. Sarcasm isn't the soul of wit.