Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Very low tide

courtesy of the Suffolk Times.
 The picture ran in the Suffolk Times; a tribute to man's stupidity.

We have a lot of water views here and watching the boats in the harbor or navigating up or out the bay is actually very pleasant. Most are in some sort of hell bent hurry to get where the fish are or aren't or they like the "full throttle" sport which, at $4+ marina prices, seems a bit short sighted. The sailboats glide a bit more slowly of course and don't seem to be in such a scurry to get anywhere.

One such sail boat comes by frequently to take the southwest wind at the close of day and we exchange waves on occasion and they all seem dressed for croquette rather than boating, they raise a toast in glasses that literally explode in glints and gleams in the sun and it is, in all, rather civilized.

The boat in our picture above got where it was because someone raised one too many glasses in salute to the fair weather. Simply, it is alleged that the "captain" was drunk. We think now back to our sailboat fellow and his natty crew, drinking toasts for the sail home. Hmmm.

Our driver's education teacher in high school made a point of warning us that 1 out of 10 persons passing you on the road have had a drink. I guess we all are guilty of that at some point and it is a lesson of course to consider.  But when folks get in a boat they seemingly forget that the exact same behavior (raising a glass to a state trooper - although courteous as you pass them by) is a ticket to the pokey.

Anyway, with the 4th and the fireworks and the full harbor and the celebrating, just use your brains some tomorrow night and if you see someone else who has checked his brains at the door, for crying out loud, say something.

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