Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do'ers and Watchers

During our summer doldrums, we tend to get a bit complacent.  Not that we don't deserve a few minutes off from life as we know it, but because its either too darn hot or the air has zapped out all our energy.  Garages need cleaning out for fall, that overgrown garden needs attention, all those things that make us head for the hammock.

There are two calendars it would seem. One that is the big master calendar over which we have no control whatsoever. It is the sun and moon, the rotation of the earth, daylight and midnight...all those biggies. There is also the one we keep in the frig door.  The one that his chock full of appointments, meetings, and shopping lists. We own that one. We only occupy the former.

We tend to get ruled by the big calendar and neglect our own.  Things get pushed off or we "let" someone else do it.  We nestle into our hammock, book in hand, and someone else does the real work that surrounds our little calendar.  Our village is a case in point.

We think that the Village is there to be our servant; someone totally misunderstanding the phrase "public servants".  They are folks who dedicate time, often albeit compensated at a pittance, to the Village.  In return for this dedication to Village affairs, they make decisions on our behalf. We either go along with them or vote them out. All too often, we rest in our hammocks and simply bite them in the neck for not doing our bidding.  Unfortunately we do this biting from our comfortable place.

Think about how you do something around the house, mow the lawn or trim the hedge, cook dinner or clean a window.  Instead of helping, or saying good job, encouraging the partner, you simple crow at them for not doing it "your way".  Everyone has heard "..well, if you did it my way, you'd...." and just want to throttle other person.  And rightfully so.

There are ways to be constructive and then there are ways to be a pain in the neck from the hammock.


  1. Mr. House what would you do to a servant who lied to you and did not act in your best interest. Is your opinion to let them keep getting away eith such behavior?

    1. What would I do to a servant? I don't have servants. I can't related to anyone who keeps servants. do you keep servants?

  2. Mr. House could you ask your buddies on the Village Board when the Tall Ship report will be ready? I recieved an E-mail from the Clerk pushing it back again. I beleive the deputy treasurer said it was ready at the Aug. work session.

    1. Perhaps it isn't ready yet Bill. That would be the obvious explanation. You do realize that when a document is published it is official and if it is wrong it is hard to undo the wrong information.

      Otherwise, I have no oar in the water at Village Hall. That I am civil and courteous to the mayor and others is because they have been to me and I see no reason to be nasty just as a way of life.

      Do you?