Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little rumbling in the distance....

There is a certain cleaning that comes with a good thunderstorm.  By all indications we are going to be cleaned up but good this evening.  That's nice on a late summer Sunday evening. After a great stretch of weather and thousands of folks coming to town, it is, in a nice way, something like resetting the kitchen clock, washing that last dish and getting the ironing done for Monday morning work

Thunder and lightning is supposedly one set of events that you remember from childhood - someone explaining them to you like the gods turning on the lights and stomping on the floor type of thing, or counting the seconds between when you see the lightning until you hear the thunder to figure out how far the storm is away....(hint: speed of sound is 1126 feet per second or about 1/5th of a mile so lightning flash 2 seconds to the thunder clap = 4/10ths of a mile...ok?) we would do the 1-one thousand, 2-one thousand thing, and that would work pretty well.
We were discussing the approaching storm just a few minutes ago and recalling the first time we can remember a good bit of lightning. One of us remembers being about 3 years old and sitting on the side steps to a farm house and looking over the barn in back and seeing a very vivid flash and leaping into an older sister's arms from freight.  The teller mentioned that it was over 60 years ago and one of our group opined that was about when Ben Franklin first figured it was electricity.  Harrumph.
Well the storms are hours away and that gives us all time to think about what is coming and take care of our business before the arrival.  On a less scientific note, there is always Fantasia - the Disney animation. 

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