Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meteor Showers and Moonlight

Last evening was the Perseid Meteor Shower and it will linger a little into tonight - but then the clouds are on their way so, as the saying goes "day late and a dollar short".  It is also coincidental to a full moon cycle and last night's version was splendid - the bay area between our village and Shelter Island was that wondrous glowing blue-gray and so still it looked to be glass and walkable.  The moon was more a lantern than some far away body.
We went searching for meteors and saw very few and we think that is because no matter how hard one tries, the moon always grabs he eye although our little party of two felt that we prefer the lunar consistency to the off and on chance of a shooting star....especially this moon which was in our thoughts from half a century back.

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