Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chance Reflections

We are pretty sure you figured out that the light in window on the 2nd floor of the building next to the Village Tree might come from the street light down the block..or at least we think so but things are deceptive in the night and reflections are one of them.

It would make sense if the images weren't so desperate - one bone clear, the other a puffball - so one's first impression might be clouded a bit by the obvious solution, the one which may be far from correct.

Mirrors and panes of glass have a lot in common - both being sheets of glass obviously.  When we judge character in others or simple give another person or situation a good long look we are looking through that window pane.  When we look at others as a way of looking at ourselves, then we are gazing in a mirror.  The building window, the one in the picture with the bright light, is acting as a mirror of sorts and has presented us with an illusion based on some perhaps faulty assumption.  Before this analogy gets completely out of hand, let's just take a minute and when we judge others we are judging ourselves.

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