Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things that go blink in the night

In the early evening our paths cross in a number of ways and everyone, signs included seeming to be crossing, from the light figures bound up by the "library this way" sign to our cars shooting on by down the street.  Even the little ped x'ing sign seems to be waiting for someone to show up.

Our attention is drawn to the Village Holiday tree, all decked in blue lighting and on the other side of the street, a rather wobbly set of street lights who have never heard of a straight line.  We have yellows, and reds, bright white and blue. Even the big rock seems to bask in it.

What fun it is to walk the village at early evening.  People have gone home only to come back out later. Traffic is nearly gone and the streets are pretty much wide open.  Our guess is that it is this time that the lights most enjoy as those of us moving around can see them in uninterrupted glory.  We aren't dodging cars  or cars dodging other cars...just we and thee.  It is as if we have this show to ourselves.

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