Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is the second Sunday in Advent and generally a prelude to the holiday season to come.

We are just pointing that out because - well because - we were at a store this morning and outside wasn't the Salvation Army but a food truck asking for cans of food for those in need.  We see this all time and like everything familiar, we tend to just let it slide off our of sight.

We think about a couple things now, in this season, regardless of religion or not, social values or not, politics or not.  We think about kids.  Obviously we all think about kids. We should never stop thinking about them.
We have two weeks to go through Advent. During this time we are going through all the holiday periods, the end of the year, and most importantly "have and have nots".   If you are a have, then give to a have not. It is pretty simple. 

In the next week or two, just judge your position.  If you have a toy to give, then give it. If you have something to regive or regift, then do it.  There is simple no reason whatsoever for doing something so simple that might mean a lot to some who has so little.

This blog isn't to right the world or the universe or the block on which you live.  It does have a mission just to say things, simply, and just to bring things to your attention as the need should arise.

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