Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did I smell Spring?

Half a century ago one of us spent the Summer at Camp Fairwood on Torch Lake in northern Michigan.  The Lake ran north-south and we were on the eastern bank so at sunset we were treated to the "torch" (hence the name of the lake).  Those of us on the water on the  bay were so treated tonight. Same sun. Same torch.

There isn't much special about a long reflection leading to a setting sun. It is all physics and a strong mix of the Weather Channel. 

The similarities ended a bit with a sniff of the scent in the air.  Golfers know the smell...just as the dew hits in the evening, trudging around after a long round in early spring.  It isn't the freshness or anything to do with stuff greening up.  Impossible to describe but visually I was at Torch Lake in 1958 and sensorially (is that a word) I was walking off the 18th at Pinehurst in early spring.  Same same.

I think we are lucky to have our senses to ping us into memories.  How drab would things be without the association of times past.  Sight and smell are toxic strong sometimes. Like this early evening.

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