Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter is half way here

Tempted as we were to toss a great big thermometer at you, we refrained as not to press our luck.

Last year about this time we had a visit from winter complete with piles of snow and ice.  Street lights came on in the middle of the day due to the darkened skies. Children screamed. Women fainted. Men fled. It was awful.

So, it is now middle morning and the wind has quieted some but the cold lingers and it is black and white photo cold. One of the local weatherpeople on TV made note that due to the fairly gusty winds, the cold was spread evenly across our end of the island and we had to think about that for a minute; imagining a butter knife loaded with Blue Bonnet Margarine, poised above a slice Wonderbread, a nice uniform layer in the offing...see what cold does to one's mind?

Anyway, there isn't any snow or ice to combat but somehow that makes it seem even in "hey you are just least you aren't falling on your behind.  buck up!".

Just thought we would spread some winter cheer.

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