Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well, its been a week...

After a couple of days that we, from the Midwest, used to call "blush weather" - because our cheeks, after being outside for a bit, got all rosy and it looked like we were blushing - we settled in this morning to watch the news programs and let the snow do its thing (go away).

It is sad to a degree that we aren't springing out to find some ice on a pond or hoping that the weather would stay cold enough that great stretches of our bay area would freeze solid. No. We want the comforts of Florida on Long Island in January. The older among us remember parents telling of the Sound frozen all the way across and folks driving to Connecticut. We remember 20 years or so ago when the route to Shelter Island was all ice although no one we knew had the courage to try it on foot.

Some of us grew up with iceboat sailing which you could generally do thru April where I lived and there were great races on the lakes and rivers, crowds on the banks, hot chocolate or something stronger in great excess and a good amount of stomping feet.

These sailboats literally flew along; 50 mph not uncommon and 80 not unheard of.  Truly a fast ride in a machine.

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